Landscape with Figures

Ref Num.:G0085


Date: 1934

Typology: Graphic Works

Technique: Etching

Dimensions: 24.5×32.5cm (platemark)

Signed: _


MNAC, Barcelona, no. 27.708


There are two known states of this print. The first state is an etching made from a plate that has been varnished several times. The sky has been burnished. The second state was not as successful. Nearly all the lines in the sky have been burnished without much merit. The aquatint has been cut off.




Xavier Nogués exhibits 20 engravings at the Galeries Syra, 9th – 22nd June 1934. Exhibition of 40 Engravings by Xavier Nogués. Centre de Lectura, 14th – 26th April 1935. Exhibition of Engravings . Xavier Nogués. Syra, Galerías del Arte, 1st – 14th December 1951. Xavier Nogués, Barcelona 1873-1941, Palau de la Virreina, March – April 1967. Free Xavier Nogués, Palau Antiguitats, 26th April – 29th July 2022.


Jaume Pla, Els gravats de Xavier Nogués, Fundació Xavier Nogués, Barcelona, 1960, cat. no. 69, plates 130 and 131

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