Fragment wall decoration for Galeries Laietanes

Ref Num.:P0048


Date: 1915

Typology: Paintings

Technique: Tempera transferred to canvas

Dimensions: 59x45cm

Signed: Unsigned and undated


MNAC, Barcelona, no. 42.421


Santiago Segura, the owner of the Galeries Laietanes, which had a basement café, El Celler, where many members of the noucentista group met, commissioned Xavier Nogués to paint the murals. They were on a theme related to wine and were removed by the restorer Ramon Gudiol. The series consists of 38 fragments, almost all the murals, except for the big blue panel that formed the centrepiece of the main room and some smaller fragments. They are now part of different collections. Figure with a top hat and cane.


MNAC acquisition – 1947


Sala Parès, October 1947; Museu d’Art Modern, March 1984


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